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The DCA Certification is a "product (accommodation)" certification that guarantees the characteristics of the accommodations to end customers, agencies and intermediaries in an independent and super partes way.

The certification perimeter relates to the accommodation as a whole, the setting up of the rooms, the type of accessories, the subdivision of the spaces, the availability of accessories and furnishings, the layout of the accommodation, entertainment elements, accessory elements, outdoor, garden, swimming pool etc. in addition to the technical part relating to the correct maintenance of the systems, etc. The evaluation parameters contained in the checklists are over 800.


DREAM&CHARME with its Accredia accreditation n. PRD 297B has become, with the DCA (Dream & Charme Assurance) Certification Mark (trademark registered), the sole Certification Body in Europe accredited according to the ISO17065 standard for the "Assessment and certification of accommodations". DCA (Dream&Charme Assurance) is officially authorized to issue certifications to accommodations (regardless of their classification) both in Italy and abroad, DCA also guarantees, for the highest range of residences, also the requirements of uniqueness and excellence contained in the Standard of the D&C Standard: 2020.


Sustainability is one of the most significant elements for us, in fact in our checklists there are numerous requirements dedicated to sustainability also with reference to the International Standards relating to sustainable tourism. Dream&Charme is also a member of the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council), global no-profit founded also by United Nations (UNWTO, UN Foundation, UNEP), as the first and sole Italian Certification Body.

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