The DCA Certification is a "product (accommodation)" certification that guarantees the characteristics of the accommodation facilities to end customers, agencies and intermediaries in an independent and super partes way.

The certification perimeter relates to the accommodation facility as a whole, the setting up of the rooms, the type of accessories, the subdivision of the spaces, the availability of accessories and furnishings, the layout of the accommodation facility, entertainment elements, accessory elements, part outdoor, garden, swimming pool etc. in addition to the technical part relating to the correct maintenance of the systems, etc. The evaluation parameters contained in the checklists are over 1.200.

All the mandatory legal characteristics for the exercise of hospitality activities, or all the necessary legal obligations, are excluded.

The DCA Certification process consists of 3 different phases:

It is a first check of the accommodation facility, where the images available online and those sent by the owner or manager or contained on presentations / flyers, the description of the accommodation and the its specificities. A verification of the "online reputation" of the accommodation is also carried out.

If the preliminary verification is successful, the second verification is carried out at the accommodation facility remotely or in person if possible, this verification is called Initial Audit. In this phase the auditors, specially trained and qualified by DREAM&CHARME, will carefully evaluate the accommodation facility taking into consideration over 1.200 parameters, contained in the DCA check lists, to carry out a careful, accurate and impartial analysis. The Lead Auditor will then prepare the Audit Report.

Once the evaluation by the auditors has been completed, if the accommodation facility reaches the minimum percentage of compliance required as determined by the D&C Standard: 2020, the Audit Report is submitted to the Certification Committee requesting the ratification and resolution of issuing the Certificate in the type of the applicable certification mark.

The DCA Certification has a duration of three years (36 months from the date of issue) with the following procedure:

1) Initial Audit

2) 1st maintenance audit 12 months after the initial audit

3) 2nd maintenance audit 12 months after the first maintenance audit

4) Possible renewal audit for the next 36 months of validity of the certification

During the validity of the certificate, sample online checks are also periodically carried out on the site of the accommodation facility and on the sites where it is published in order to verify that no information or images that do not correspond to the actual status verified during the audits are published. The certificate has international validity. Download the Certification Regulations.



Certification marks are of two types:

- DCA which guarantees the characteristics of the accommodation facilities

- DCA 5 which in addition to the characteristics guarantees originality, uniqueness and history of the accommodation facility.

Both can also represent full compliance with the sustainability requirements found in the Initial Audit phase.


- Have a real third part partner who professionally verify every detail of the accommodation also to give to the management a report of what normally is became familiar nevertheless not compliant. 

- Ensure that the characteristics of the accommodations comply with those described on its website, on agency websites, OTA websites, brochures, etc. and that it has the requisites required by the D&C Standard: 2023

- Provide guests of accommodations with greater certainty and reliability thanks to the DCA Certification issued by DREAM&CHARME as an independent body, super partes and accredited by Accredia (the only one accreditation body with International mutual agreement, so valid in every country).

- Increase the number of reservations. Between an officially certified DCA accommodation and one "guaranteed" by an agency, a magazine or often guided reviews, guests always choose the DCA certified one.

- Differentiate DCA certified accommodations on the market from unsecured or "at risk” ones.

- Ensure the application of the main ESG (sustainability) requirements defined by international standards on sustainable tourism, DCA Certification also for sustainability is the only one officially accredited.

- Having a guide and a stimulus for continuous improvement and knowing the best practices in the sector.

- Have privileged access to international initiatives dedicated to DCA certified accommodations.

- Around 100 accommodations has already obtained the DCA Certification in Italy, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Maldives as Il Pellicano (Leading Hotel), Albereta Relais & Chateaux, La Posta Vecchia (Leading Hotel), Andana Resort, Mazzarò Sea Palace, Amarina, Andilana, etc.

- Publication on the DREAM&CHARME website dedicated only to DCA certified accommodations with links for direct management of commission-free reservations for DREAM&CHARME.


The cost of the Certification varies according to the square meters of the non-hotel accommodation facility and according to the number of rooms for the hotel facilities and on the basis of applicable agreements.

The list price may vary depending on the number of structures to be certified and the possible application of agreements.

A contribution will be required for the initial certification audit and for the issuance of the certificate.

Subsequently, a contribution will be required for the maintenance audit of the second and third year certification in addition to the renewal and maintenance fees in case of renewal of the DCA Certification after the first three years.

Get certificate

In order to obtain the DCA Certification it is necessary to verify in advance some elements, this preliminary analysis is free of charge

In order to proceed with the preliminary audit we require these following items:

Website showing: minimum 5 photos with external, garden, view, living room, bedroom, bathroom

Square meters (villas) or number of rooms (Hotels/Resorts)

We could ask more details and photos before the Initial Audit