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After 15 years of activity in the high-profile tourism sector DREAM&CHARME on 22 June 2020 obtained national and international accreditation from ACCREDIA (ACCREDIA is the Single National Accreditation Body designated by the Italian Government, in application of the European Regulation 765/2008 , to certify the competence, independence and impartiality of the certification, inspection and verification bodies, and of the testing and calibration laboratories. Accredia is a recognized association that operates non-profit, under the supervision of the Ministry of Development Economic, www.accredia.it).

DREAM&CHARME with its Accredia accreditation n. PRD 297B has become, with the DCA (Dream&Charme Assurance) mark, the only Certification Body internationally accredited according to the ISO17065 standard for the "Assessment and certification of accommodations". DCA (Dream&Charme Assurance) is officially authorized to issue certifications to receptive residences (regardless of their classification) both in Italy and abroad, DCA also guarantees, for the highest range of residences, also the requirements of uniqueness and excellence contained in the Standard of the D&C Standard: 2020.

DREAM&CHARME and its management guarantees the utmost impartiality and independence during its evaluation activities of the accommodations that are certified according to its own deposited Regulations (Standard D&C: 2020). In this regard, DREAM&CHARME has also established a Safeguard and Independence Committee which represents the reference sector in which DREAM&CHARME operates and which periodically monitors the work of DREAM&CHARME on these aspects.

The assessment activities of the accommodations are carried out by the DREAM&CHARME audit team specifically trained in this regard and in accordance with PRO 04 "Regolamento per la valutazione della conformità al Disciplinare D&C", the Regulations are visible on this site in the appropriate section.

In the event of a complaint, interested parties can send an email to: official@dca-cert.com


The founders of DREAM&CHARME have specific expertise in the evaluation and enhancement of high-profile non-hotel and hotel accommodation facilities and 20 years of activity in this sector. They also have at their disposal a specialized team with dedicated resources and experts in the tourism sector with specific preparation also on the issues of sustainability and related international standards applied concretely to the tourism sector.

The twenty years of experience of the founders of DREAM&CHARME is contained in the D&C: 2020 Standard which is the basis for the assessment and certification of accommodations.

It is mandatory for each Certification Body to have an Impartiality and Safeguard Committee, the members of the Dream&Charme Committee are Corrado Passera (CEO Banca Illimity), Giorgio Palmucci (Minister of Tourism advisor and former President of ENIT), Renzo Iorio (Ceo and Managing Director of FSInternational - Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group, Manager of Struttura Internazionale Anas, former Coo Gruppo Accor and former President of Federturismo Confindustria).


Dream&Charme (DCA) since 2021 has become a member of the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council), being part of it as Italian Certification Body of the prestigious international non-profit of American constitution that defines the global criteria of sustainable tourism both for accommodation and for destinations. It is participated by Rainforest Alliance, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the United Nations Foundation (UN Foundation) and by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Since 2020 DREAM&CHARME is the sole partner for the DCA Certification of Historic Houses of ADSI members.

Since 2021 DREAM&CHARME has signed an agreement with the Italian Confindustria Hotels Association in order to facilitate the access to the DCA Certification for all associated accommodations.


With a view to continuous improvement of the evaluation and certification processes, always ensuring compliance with the mandatory requirements, DREAM&CHARME is committed to pay the utmost attention to the following issues:

Provide customers with an efficient, reliable and transparent service
Optimising the efficiency of evaluation processes - digitisation of the entire end-to-end process 
Optimization of evaluation tools - use of digital evaluation systems to support auditors
encourage the growth and dedication of our team- verifies expectations from skills detection
take the necessary steps to ensure that the DREAM&CHARME brand is recognised by customers, owners, agencies, operators and end customers as an icon of accommodation guarantee - external communication through free editorial, participation in events
enhance the value of the Certified accommodation so that they are recognized and appreciated for their real extraordinary characteristics - external communication through free editorial, participation in events
identify the risks and implement the security and protection measures of owners and customers (see risk table)
provide owners with elements of assessment in relation to the requirements on sustainability applied to accommodation so that they can adopt improvements and optimizations (during audits and providing information and training moments)
spreading the culture of environmental protection, safety, energy saving and social accountability - possible transformation into a benefit society
identify and pursue performance improvement objectives in the assessment of accommodation 



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